In Search of The Gates Of Hell!!!

As a lot of you know, Myself, along with researcher and investigator M.K. Davis have been exploring, researching and investigating the paranormal hot spot near Satartia MS that we refer to as Hells Gate. The things we have encountered during our outings both separately and together has been awe inspiring, exciting and on a couple […]

Demon House and Your Research

Love him or hate him, Zak Bagans does it again with his in depth and intense documentary Demon House. It’s been a long long time since a documentary rattled my cage and shook me up – this one did it in spades. For those of you who, like me, perform research and investigations into cryptids, […]

Bigfoot In Mississippi – An MBEST Investigation

On February 22nd through February 24th, Doug Randall, Karen Randall, M.K. Davis, Matt Noel and myself journeyed way down south to a hot area we refer to as Site 4. Doug and Karen have had numerous encounters here with varying sites and sounds. After having not been there in a while they organized an outing […]

The Cave Of The Shampe

As I have related in past articles, the native American Indians have all had dealings both in legend and reality with a creature we today refer to as Sasquatch or Bigfoot. The Mississippi Choctaw Indians were no different. Their rich tradition has documented this and bears this out. And as with most First Nation tribes, […]


On 11/25/18 I got stir crazy from the Thanksgiving Holidays and decided to get out of the house and check the research area near my home called Alligator Slough. I also decided to try an experiment which I will talk about in a future article, especially if it turns out to have been successful. If […]

Sticks In The Ground: What Does It Mean?

At the end of October I was desperately wanting to get back out to a new research site that could hold a lot of answers to ongoing mysteries in Yazoo County, Ms. After hearing of a frightening encounter in this spot, I first made a quick trip there alone just to get the lay of […]